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Trivia - Analysts predict that mobility services will grow at the rate of 25% annually for the next 4-years, to around $15.5bn. The growth is predicted to be consistent across 3-key areas – Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAP) and Mobile Applications.Additionally, in 2016, as per a recent study more than 150 billion workers – 45% of the global workforce is using mobile devices to carry out their job tasks

SAP has provided NetWeaver Mobile component as the foundation to enable enterprises to mobilize their business processes and get the benefits of mobilizing. SAP NetWeaver mobile framework provides a configurable platform on which enterprises can expose their business processes partially or completely. Enterprises do not have to re-engineer their business process but they are rather extending it to another level for easy access of information. SAP NetWeaver platform provides a local runtime environment and support both online and offline scenarios so the user's do not require connectivity all the time. User can synchronize and download all the information required while connected and work with that data in offline mode. You can rely on proven, market-leading mobile software solutions from SAP and make it a single, unified mobile platform for all your employee, consumer, and partner app needs. SAP Mobility also helps reduce costs by using innovative, pre-built mobile apps from SAP. SAP mobile solutions are smartly integrated so you can start with what you need now and scale up as your business grows. IPEX offers end to end implementation services for mobilizing the business processes using standard SAP solutions or custom built solutions for unique enterprise requirements. Our experts would help you formulate overall mobile strategy and plan a roadmap keeping in view organisation’s vision and mission. We can design and deploy custom mobile solutions unique to your needs for online and offline scenarios for Smart-phones and laptop versions using SAP NetWeaver Mobile framework. We also provide Functional and technical support for existing mobile processes and enhancements including front end development for mobile solutions.

Leverage the Proven, World-Class Mobile Software Solutions by SAP

We are living in the times, where technology changes as swiftly as the demands of your customers. Enterprises are expected to stay on their toes to defy, embrace and tune in with these changes! Fortunately, a strong mobility-driven IT environment can effectively deal with this concern.A mobile-enabled organization is not only smart and supple in its overall functional approach, but is also capable of boosting employee productivity, brand recognition and customer engagement.

Professionals from different industries often encounter hassles while providing quality solutions and services to customers. However, a mobilized workforce can meet their deadlines and targets efficiently. Thanks to SAP enterprise mobility solutions, the professionals now have all the required information on-the-go that empowers them to make right and agile business decisions that produces better results. SAP renders market-leading enterprise mobility technologies to meet the needs of the companies – from enterprise mobility infrastructure, strategy, mobile application development to support. IPEX is a SAP partner recognized worldwide for providing top-notch enterprise mobility services.

Think of all what you can do if SAP mobility apps were ready for you whenever and wherever you required them??

Think of all what you can do if SAP mobility apps were ready for you whenever and wherever you required them?? However, becoming a SAP mobile-enabled company will affect your whole IT infrastructure – from individual software applications to entire management and monitoring. It is an arduous procedure, yet it guarantees increased productivity, enhanced responsive customer interaction and higher efficiency.

IPEX understands completely that enterprises have a critical need for a partner, who can provide them with a gamut of efficient and cost-effective SAP mobility services. We empower business to fully leverage latest SAP enterprise mobile solutions. With our dedicated team of experts and proven Activate methodology, we can help you define your mobile strategy, combat the toughest business challenges and drive fast ROM (Return On Mobility).

IPEX’s Mobile Offerings

Mobile Strategy Framework - Our mobile experts render a structured methodology to help you draft a detailed mobile strategy to aggressively manage: organization transformation (mobile first impacts), technical realization & governance and user experience.

SAP Fiori Apps – IPEX implements and configures SAP Fiori apps to meet your business needs.

Custom Mobile App Design & Development – At IPEX, we offer custom mobile app design & development services to implement against your mobile strategy. Our mobile gurus leverage IPEX’s SAP Activate Methodology to deliver shippable product on the SAP Mobile Platform in the shortest span of time.

Our Edge

Choose IPEX for SAP Mobility – Here’s Why??

We knit together mobility solutions around the SAP mobility trove to facilitate enterprises build powerful mobile solutions cost-effectively and speedily.

Enterprise Mobility Focus

We are a singularly focused and committed enterprise mobility company. Our SAP mobility best practices weave together SAP technology, deployment and migration skills to resolve various overlapping processes and technologies.

Gain Business Value

Gain business value by speedily developing, implementing and adopting mobile solutions. Empower new business strategies and models by deploying innovative mobile-apps integrated to SAP. Get fully implemented solutions up and running in just a few weeks with our uber-flexible options for SAP mobility.

Leveraging Innovation

We have worked with organizations in unlocking business value through innovative mobile solutions. With cloud, mobile and social melding at an increasingly fast rate, enterprises need to re-imagine the applications supporting their enterprise processes in order to kick-start business transformation needed to stay competitive.

End to End Mobile Solutions

Our SAP mobility practices render businesses need to deliver effective enterprise grade mobile solutions. This comprises of app design/ development/deployment, third party add-ons, platform services, security, and all-inclusive professional and management services.IPEX views mobility as a journey that starts with addressing your immediate requirements, enhancing visibility and boosting control. Our proven SAP mobility practice and processes leverages the potential of SAP mobile solutions to meet your needs.

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  • IPEX Global Inc. is focused on providing IT services for Application Development, Integration & Support of post-modern ERP, Cloud, Web and Mobility Solution. IPEX Global Inc. is focused on providing IT services for Application Development, Integration & Support of post-modern ERP, Cloud, Web and Mobility Solution.

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